Skin Restoration

Skin Restoration Acupuncture

Ashutterstock_10321786esthetic acupuncture and rejuvenation treatments have been performed exclusively for the Empress and nobles for thousands of years. And today, acupuncture meridian
acupressure is still practiced to fight aging in Korea.

We apply acupuncture therapy to stimulate the key meridian points of the face to lift muscles without surgery or injections. Our unique Aesthetic acupuncture protocol is based on the success of clinical results, and we utilize a combination of modalities including acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, Gua Sha, and heating methods to improve both the outer appearance and inner health.

Parentheses Lines

Treating parentheses lines brings attention to the forehead, eyes and nose rather than a sunken mouth.


Removing the furrow makes people look 10 years younger.

Wrinkles in Middle of the Forehead

Wrinkles above the lips and in the middle of the forehead make people look tired and strict, so we focus on creating gentle, soft impressions.

Eye Wrinkles

Aesthetic acupuncture lifts wrinkles and tightens sagging skin to create a brighter eye area.




  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Firm and tighten sagging skin
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Reduce double chin
  • Reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
  • Non-surgical and painless, which means you can return to everyday life right away.
  • A completely natural look after treatments.


Our Skin Restoration Acupuncture Program

Our program is a non-surgical and painless method to reduce the sig%eb%af%b8%ec%9a%a9%ec%b9%a8ns of aging.

Our diagnosis techniques include reading the pulse, tongue observation
, face examination and questioning to identify and treat major organ imbalances in the body that cause aging and skin imperfections.

We recommend 10-12 sessions consisting of acupuncture, gua sha, and rolling. An herbal formula and supplement may also be recommended, not only for beauty, but for overall constitutional health.

Periodic maintenance visits are highly recommended to maintain lasting results. Regular treatments are given once or twice a week for optimal results.


Aesthetic acupuncture is contraindicated for some pituitary disorders, heart disorders, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, individuals who have a pacemaker or who have a problem with bleeding or bruising, or who currently suffer from migraine headaches. Aesthetic acupuncture should not be done during pregnancy, during a cold or flu, during an allergic attack, or during an acute herpes outbreak.

Our Treating Eczema Program

We treat dermatitis with methodology based on Traditional Eastern Medicine. Rather than treating eczema as just a disease of the skin, we approach it as a manifestation of an imbalance between the inner body and the outer environment.

The prime reason for this imbalance is caused by excessive heat inside the body that accumulates in the body, which should normally radiate out regulatory systems such as, perspiration, blood circulation and respiration. If this cooling system does not working properly, the excess heat will force its way out the closest exit, which is usually the skin. This forceful exit damages the tissue, which results in inflammation, rashes and itchiness of the skin.

Our practitioners treat dermatitis by helping the inner excessive heat exit the body in a more regulated and less damaging way. We use acupuncture, herbal medicine, the Skin Herbal Detox Bath Therapy and other modalities to achieve this—all to help the body remove pathologic heat and the toxins produced by it.

Our Treating Acne Program

Our comprehensive acne program includes the following treatments:

1. Skin treatment focused on the extraction of acne comedones and elimination of the acne germ from hair follicles.
2. Skin rejuvenation treatment for damaged skin and scars. Our Acne program is similar to IPL laser or chemical peeling, but is more effective and less invasive. We apply the MTS (Micro-Needling Stimulation) technique to treat acne and acne scars.
3. Personalized herbal medication and acupuncture treatments to strengthen the Skin-Qi and stop acne from proliferating. Changing dietary and exercise habits are also important, and our Reset Detox Diet can also help improve your skin and health.